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Woven Trash Gift Wrap 


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Woven Trash Gift Wrap 

Written By: Zack Stern 


Construction paper (1) 

Pieces of scrap paper (1) 


Scissors (1) 

Hobby knifed) 

Paper cutter (1) 
or other cutting tool. 


If your green conscience can't bear to toss out wrapping paper that's been used only once 
(or twice), weave it into a snazzy pattern to cover a new gift. Or further emphasize the 
"reuse" part of "reduce, reuse, recycle" by weaving direct mail, bills, maps, receipts, or any 
other random scraps into gift wrap. 

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Woven Trash Gift Wrap 

Step 1 — Cut the pattern 

Prepare the framework for the weave with a single sheet of paper large enough to wrap the 
gift. I like construction paper, but feel free to substitute with whatever is available. Over a 
sheet of cardboard (or a table that can handle scratches), gently carve a series of adjacent 
S-curve patterns over the whole sheet. Leave about a 1/2" margin around the border of the 

Step 2 — Cut strips of paper. 

Dig through the paper stash for swatches. Cut them into straight, 1/2"-wide strips. It's 
important for the sides to stay parallel, so use a paper cutter if possible. Arrange the strips 
into an order for assembly. I like repeating patterns or changes in gradation. 

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Woven Trash Gift Wrap 

Weave the strips through the large sheet. If the strips are too short, or for more variation, 
strategically hide the breaks behind the large sheet. Work laterally, making sure to place 
each strip right up against the preceding one. Run a piece of tape across the strips on the 
back of the sheet to hold them in place. Trim any excess length off the strips, and then 
wrap the gift. 

This project first appeared in CRAFT Volume 02 , page 46. 

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